New security vulnerabilities are discovered every day ... Who is making sure your online store is kept secure? 

If you're not sure, you need to consider setting up a  Vulnerability Management Program. Download the ebook to find out how. It'll help you protect your ecommerce revenue as well as simplify your PCI-DSS Compliance. 

A vulnerability management program is the combination of policies and procedures that allows an ogranization to identify and evaluate the risks of emerging vulnerabilities. With a program in place, your team will be able to address and remediate vulnerabilities and decrese your security risk. 

Still wondering if a Vulnerability Management Program is important for your business? Did you know that ...

  • 99% of all exploited vulnerabilities have had a patch available for more than a year.

  • An average of 18 new vulnerabilities were reported per day in 2014.

  • 40% of Fortune 500 websites contain a vulnerability.

  • 30% of hacked organizations knew about the specific vulnerability beforehand.

    A vulnerabilitiy management program will help your organization keep track of vulnerabilties and their patches, and ensure that your application and environment is kept secure and up to date.