Holiday 2015 is around the corner.
Are you ready? Is your infrastructure?

Luckily, there is still time to do something about it.


A recent poll of retailers found that over 90% of respondents could not predict how their ecommerce infrastructure was going to perform on the biggest revenue impacting days of the year.


With so much riding on the success of your web store this year, can you afford to take the risk that something will go wrong?

Introducing the Tenzing Retail Readiness Performance Test

Tenzing has partnered with SOASTA, a Gartner and IDC Cloud Testing leader, and AppDynamics, a leader in application performance management, to offer a free retail readiness assessment to review your company's performance strategy.


Tenzing will evaluate your company's current infrastructure and strategy, benchmark it against retail industry best practices and methodologies and work with you on a plan to address performance issues before they impact your business. Our remediation plan will includes short term recommendations that you can implement with no cost, as well as details of the right mix of services that you could employ long term, to ensure your web store performs optimally.


Site Tester

A turnkey, cloud-based, mutli-endpoint load testing service that helps merchants deliver remarkable omnichannel experiences during peak shopping seasons. Affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing model and advanced analytics makes it easy for merchants of all sizes to leverage the benefits of advanced load testing.

Performance Manager

A fully managed Application Performance Monitoring (APM) service used to proactively monitor, detect and resolve performance issues quickly. Commerce Performance Manager offers a deep and holistic view of performance bottlenecks at the code level, speeding root cause analysis and remediation.



Try our Advanced Managed Services for free and make sure you're ready for Holiday 2015.

By Taking Advantage of the
Tenzing Retail Readiness Assessment,
you can leverage our expertise to:

+ Assess your company's ecommerce platform performance under expected peak load
+ Speed root cause analysis by identifying key performance bottlenecks at a detailed code level 
+ Develop a remediation plan to address performance issues before they impact your web store 


Plus, the Tenzing checklist covers commonly overlooked testing elements with best practices such as:

+ Establishing realistic performance baselines

+ Validating 3rd-party services (CDNs, payment gateways, etc.)

+ Including mobile traffic in test scenarios (iOS, Android, other)

+ Testing from all key geographies

+ Spike testing beyond peak loads for site-killing traffic bursts

Check how prepared your site is for Holiday 2015 with a free Retail Readiness Assesment from Tenzing: